Winchester-Nabu Detective Agency Year Four:

Case File No. 51-207

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AMBER LOVE 26-APR-2021 Find out how all this began. Catch up on Year One, Year Two, Year Three, and Year Four cases at the Winchester-Nabu Detective Agency.


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Where We Left Off:

We discovered evidence of a local New Jersey urban legend, the Mantis, which was first seen in Hackettstown.

Black Panther 🐈‍⬛ vs N’Jovole 🐀:

Burton Guster Nabu and Oliver Winchester had chased a mouse throughout the house at 0430 one fine spring day. That critter escaped. I was able to get a lot of video footage to document a different encounter.

We didn’t get to go outside until 1715 that evening after the wind died down. Gus has taken up routine surveillance in the lower parking lot. At the base of a pile of rocks and rubble that were never used in building the fortress wall, there lies a pile of tree bark. Gus has spent a notable amount of time staring at and poking around this tree bark pile.


While I noticed that wasps, those evil motherfucking flying monsters, have been navigating in and out of the fortress rocks, Gus has been willing to stick his face and arms in the holes between those rocks. I warned him once that he could wind up the victim of those stinging assholes, but that hasn’t stopped him. Gus is determined to make The Grumpy Old Man proud by capturing and murdering as many rodents as possible.

The stakeouts were quickly frustrating, but he was certain a perp was there. He also believes the critters staying at Cheeks Moretti’s rock fortress are stirring but this isn’t about them. We are still waiting for signs of chipmunks. A young groundhog ran through the yard like a land otter so we know more critters should be on their way out of hibernation.

I don’t want to kill the little rodents, but they are invasive. There are far too many in the house, hangar, and mobile command unit. They get there from the outside so I guess it makes sense to allow Gus to capture and kill the ones out there before they can get indoors. Suppressing my guilt, I moved a couple pieces of the tree bark by leaning them apart from each other. Sure enough, there was a small vole in there trying to keep out of sight. It took a few seconds for Gus to realize, “Hey! There it is!” before he finally reached down to use his claws to lift the vole to his mouth.

The tiny rodent with unbelievable martial arts skills was identified as N’Jovole, a rodent loyal to a very angry thief named Killmonger. Gus stuck N’Jovole in his mouth and carried him back to the main residence. He was forbidden from bringing the vole indoors.

By this point, Oliver was in his stroller in the courtyard. The Grumpy Old Man was gardening. Gus released N’Jovole which lead to another pursuit. I haven’t analyzed the slow-motion footage in detail yet to know which was the killing blow, but Prof. Oliver Winchester declared the TOD at 1742 (5:42pm).


Case Findings:

Gus found a little vole in the shrubbery next to Cheeks Moretti’s fortress. The vole was clever at avoiding Gus after the initial capture. Vole Custer has a fascination with cars and used one to frustrate Gus before deftly escaping.

Case Status: Closed

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