featurebanner_brynpryor_interviewAMBER LOVE 06-FEB-2013 This week’s episode is absolutely loaded with great conversation. I had a delightful Skype session with film director BRYN PRYOR about his new independent movie COWBOYS & ENGINES, a steampunk western set in a fictional 1876. The film is being produced by James Deen, Melissa Kimbro, and Charles Mead; visual contributions by Hollywood Heard and Ryan Carter; it stars Malcolm McDowell, Walter Koenig and Jeff Cannata. They are running a Kickstarter campaign for the initial $100,000 knowing that if more is needed they may return to Kickstarter or perhaps IndieGoGo.  Bryn generously allowed me to spend half the time discussing COWBOYS & ENGINES and the second half talking about his experiences and opinions on contemporary porn.

BRYN PRYORDownload on iTunes or listen here.

Bryn’s extensive film career consists of both mainstream and adult entertainment. He’s also a giant comic book nerd that has three cats. If that isn’t enough for you to fall head over heels, he used to work at Medieval Times as a stuntman. On his website, he posts movie reviews. He warns women that he is severely damaged goods within the epitome of bad boy and in no way wants to consider long term relationships ever again.

C&E is about the character Cade Ballard (Jeff Cannata) is the former ambassador of the nation of Texas. North America’s civil war is still going on in 1876. Ballard is responsible for saving President Lincoln. Cade instantly became (in)famous depending which region he wondered through and the notoriety is smothering. Guinivere Wheeler is a tough cookie and grifter. The two discover that they don’t annoy each other which is rare for their social interactions.

CadeBallardBryn has taken some liberties, aside from the foiling assassination plot, with historical facts. There’s a divergence in timeline that Bryn feels suits the story and can be explained. The steampunk elements are not overpowering, according to Bryn. The wardrobe concepts need to be suitable for actors to wear and comfortably move.

“We’re starting to get media penetration before we even make the show.” ~BP

I bet that was the first time he used “penetration” in that context. I digress. Amber has a potty mouth. This should be no surprise.

jamesdeenC&E is utilizing three different forms of the script: a festival version up to a half an hour, a movie short version for up to ten minutes, and then the trailer. They are using the guidelines of the SAG short film requirements. James Deen and Bryn have known each other about eight years. Bryn saw something more in James than a handsome guy that can fuck women on camera; Bryn believed in his ability to act. However, James is staying strictly behind the camera in C&E unless there’s room for a cameo.

“Porn is Hollywood divested of the pretense of art. And that’s really what it is. We make masturbatory tools.” ~BP

We discussed the controversy about the PornHub commercial rejected by the Super Bowl network. Bryn points out how brilliant of a ploy it was because there was no way PornHub had any intention of actually paying for that ad spot. He validates that the same PR and marketing is what’s behind all the alleged “leaked” celebrity sex tapes although he says there are one or two exceptions. We also get into the validation claimed by the media that now women are sexual beings simply because of the 50 Shades trilogy.

“Somehow every three or four years we seem to decide that women have yet again locked away their sexuality and need an excuse to use it.  And, that’s just the mainstream media in their constant feeding frenzy of looking for ‘this year’s story.’ And they like talking about sex because sex sells.” ~BP

Sure the conversation turns into a comparison of Dr. Ruth talking about sucking cock versus when Stoya does. And we even give our opinions about tabloid celebrities like Octomom and Casey Anthony being offered porn deals. When the people in porn are embarrassed by something, that’s pretty fucking bad.


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