Cats photoshopped as noir detectives
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Where we left off:

Detective Inspector Guster Nabu has grown more accustomed to walking on his leash since it gives him better opportunities for observation and investigation. Last time, he and Professor Oliver Winchester were kept busy with local wildlife.


Several days were brutally hot. Guster Nabu didn’t have much tolerance for staying on the observation veranda looking out at the estate. He hadn’t seen much of Mother Finch either. It was going to be a different kind of week.

Gus on a leash

Gus begged early every morning around 4am to go outside. Sometimes, he would get would his way by 5:30. Other times, he had to wait until nearly 7:00. He began to ask for his harness instead of his comfortable carriage ride. Not that he wants the harness. He hates it. However it’s the only way he gets to touch the ground.

Oliver in buggy

Oliver is more than happy to take over all the buggies in their fleet. He’s a total gentleman who asks (loudly) for a ride and gets in and waits to be driven around.

Gus on his leash
“Shhh. I heard something.”


As it turns out, some of the local birds stay fairly close to the ground. I can’t be certain, but it seems like a couple of them do it only to tease Gus. A sparrow caught his attention and darted into the cave of branches inside the lilac bush. Ignorant of the challenges, Gus ran laps around the bush trying to find it — all the while his harness bell jingling and a large human thumping behind him.

Gus on a leash


On a much more temperate morning, Gus was carried to the grassy fields in the woods. We had to pass the bunnies on our way. Gus wanted to stalk them, but they were in a safe zone (the other neighbor’s yard). He was allowed to get on the ground once halfway up the hill. Up to this point, he was only allowed on these trails while confined to his carriage. This was a long walk of exploration and adventure. So many smells to take in. Naturally, Gus had no interest in returning back to the main house. He certainly didn’t care that Oliver had been promised outside time too. Gus was carried back and voiced his displeasure.

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