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BRIAN LETENDREGo back to ep 1623 is back on the show so we could check in with each other in a way to hold ourselves accountable for producing content (podcasts, posts, stories). It’s a discussion that’s heavy with midlife crisis questioning. Both of us stress about whether or not we create “enough” for our audiences.

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After a two-hour breakdown in a doctor’s office, Amber recovered with better pain and anxiety medication. That lead to making the major life decision to go through yoga teacher training after decades of inner debate and self-doubt.

Acknowledge the achievements you’ve made; don’t compare yourself to people you believe are surpassing you.

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Brian feels older than most of his support group of creators and sees them at the same stage which makes him feel behind schedule. With projects in various stages of development, Brian isn’t seeing any of them as “completed work” and he tends to not count them as achievements yet.

Breakdown your goal into a series a mini-goals that make each step more achievable.

It’s important to know what inspires you and allows you to bounce back into creating. For Brian, David Lynch’s new book and the new episodes of Twin Peaks have recharged his creative batteries. We discussed our attempts at meditation. Brian is experimenting with the Headspace app.

Keep experimenting with relaxation methods to find one that speaks to you.

Both of us have been having new experiencing with pet therapy where our pets push certain boundaries for us. For Brian, it’s getting up at 6am for a walk; for Amber, it’s going outside.

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Brian shared all about his emotional tendencies like crying during Wonder Woman or at commercials.



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