Cats photoshopped as noir detectives

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Expand for Adventures with Gus Table of Contents

Where we left off…

We recapped several of the underworld gateway locations discovered by the adventurous Detective Inspector Guster Nabu. Professor Oliver Winchester has resumed chauffeured patrols in his buggy on weekends.


There weren’t exceptionally big plans to celebrate the Second Adoptiversary of Guster Nabu which was March 17, nor for Oliver’s birthday on April 1st. This makes Oliver the mature age of four! Gus in probably a little more than a year younger; we consider him three now.


The only plans I personally had for celebrating Gus’ special day was to post on Instagram (@amberunmasked) for others in the #catsofinstagram community to join in the fun of wishing him well. There would be Irish soda bread baked by Grandmère; and I got the boy a new fancy Celtic knot collar with a shamrock charm. He hates collars. He sometimes humors me for about five minutes to take twenty photos hoping one of them comes out. Anyway, my tame plans aside, it turns out that the other humans decided to order tall cat towers for the boys. One that’s ridiculously tall for here at the Winchester-Nabu estate and one for the apartment of butler Alfredo Pesosvalor where Gus occasionally spends weekends.

Another part of the celebration was Winchester-Nabu themed yoga. Taking some of Gus’ yoga moves and inspiration from our adventures, I posted several asanas to share with you.

The Construction of Nabu-dûr:

Why would Gus’ weekend tower get the nomenclature of Sauron, you ask? Because honestly, he’s the big bully despite being younger and Oliver having been here first. Gus has to steal everything that Ollie has: his food or leftovers, his favorite places to sit, the chair where he prefers to eat, and his favorite toys. Gus thinks the whole world belongs to him.

The Construction of Oligard:

The tallest of the towers is the one at the estate on the first floor. The Grumpy Old Man thought this would be the best option to give Oliver a chance at being close to the ceiling. He likes to perch on tall people’s shoulders. They say he’s listening for sounds of mice. I say he’s listening for paranormal activity.

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