Yoga with Cats: the Yogus Challenge

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What’s a Yoga Challenge?

When I joined Instagram it was a whole new type of community. I was familiar with Twitter hashtags, but I didn’t realize how important they were to IG. It means even more to the users there. There are global use tags like “#catsofinstagram” and then ones people set up for their specific signature like I have “#winchesternabudetectiveagency” or “#catdetectives”. With the yoga community there are just as many varieties of hashtags. What’s better now is that Instagram allows users to follow hashtags without having to follow everyone using the tag. So if you wanted to follow the posts of #movethroughmudras, you could follow the hashtag and the hosts of the challenge without having to follow everyone else that participates; you would still see them as long as they are public.

Yogus challenge

Yoga challenges aren’t about competition as the name may seem to imply. They are about challenging one’s own progress for particular postures and as reinforcement or reminders to do your yoga daily. A yoga challenge can last anywhere from a day to a whole month, usually around 7-10 days for these public challenges. There are yogis who also like to pick one or two asanas (poses) to work on throughout the year or over a course of several years.

A dedication to incorporating something into your daily life is called sadhana.

I picked some favorite yoga poses and real NJ life inspiration; plus there’s an asana created by the panther himself called Guster Nabuasana! Pick one or more and tag it #yogus 😄🐈🐦🐇🐍🐠🐯 (I didn’t know at the time yogüsland was the name of a frozen yogurt business, but oh well, it still sounds right for Gus yoga).

Amber Yoga

Cat – #marjayasana
Balancing cat – #utthitacakravakasana

Amber YogaRabbit – #sasangasana

Amber YogaCobra – #bhujangasana

Amber Yoga(One-Legged) King Pigeon – #ekapadarajakapotasana

Amber YogaSphinx – #salambabhujangasana
Fish – #matsyasana

Amber YogaLion – #simhasana

Amber YogaGuster Nabu Side Rolling Stretch – #gusternabuasana

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