FEB, 2011 – If you aren’t glued to my feed then (shame on you) you may have missed my previous post about the GEEK GIRLS NETWORK SLUMBER PARTY sponsored by THINKGEEK and MIDTOWN COMICS which is happening one of the nights of ToyFair this coming weekend. The TaunTaun sleeping bags that the other girls and I will be “testing” are being provided by ThinkGeek.com!

I wore my “<GEEK></GEEK>” t-shirt in my latest comic book review and reminded viewers that it had been purchased at ThinkGeek.com. I have loved every present that came from there. I also have the “I <3 MY GEEK” shirt which I haven’t been able to wear for over year feeling that it would be false advertising; maybe I can get fabric paint and pluralize it to “geeks” so it’s accurate. I put way too much thought into that. I also have one of the ThinkGeek monkeys. Besides that, I scoured the site this week to see what new stuff they had for the most dreaded day in a single lady’s life, Valentine’s Day. ThinkGeek has some pretty awesome stuff this year.

Caffeine is our favorite stimulant. It is easy to get and comes in many forms. But did you know that Caffeine has a sexy younger cousin. Her name is Theobromine, and she's the tasty little number who puts your mind in a happy place while you are eating chocolate. Molecularly similar to caffeine, but with just enough differences to make her a much smoother date, Theobromine is slower to burn out of your system and induces gentle, sensual stimulation to your muscular and cardiovascular systems. Grrrrrrrr!

The theobromine molecule is presented in a beautiful magenta against a sumptuous backdrop of a dark chocolate babydoll shirt. Like a raspberry dipped in ganache, this shirt is just waiting to be given to that special someone. In the words of the immortal Barry White, "Your sweetness is my weakness." Also available in a women's classic cut if you'd prefer more generous proportions.
Love is in the air. And when love is in the air, microbes will thrive. It's just a fact of nature. So, why not just go with it and have fun? It's easy to have fun when those microbes can't really make you sick, can't make you reproduce, and can't make you do anything except smile 'cause they're just so dang cute. It's easy when the microbes are part of your Gift Box of Mini Plush Microbes!

In each Gift Box of Mini Plush Microbes, you'll get five mini plush microbes. Each one will fit in the palm of your hand. Though mini, they are actually almost a million times bigger than life size. You'll be happy they are just plush when you look at the microbes you'll get. Because some would just make you extra sick if they were this big, while others would just hurt (and we'll leave it at that)! So, show someone how much you love them with a Gift Box of Mini Plush Microbes: the gift of single cells, disease, and fungus - all in a heart-shaped box! Happy VD Day, everyone!
In the past we've shied away from carrying superhero logo costume-style t-shirts. When you can find Green Lantern or the Flash on the racks at your local SuperChainMart, that's a product ThinkGeek doesn't need to pick up. And then we saw these. They're unique. We knew we had to carry them for our crowd of female comic book fans. They're not subtle, but they're also not over the top. These are costumey without being cosplay. Basically, depending on how you accessorize the shirt, you can play up or down its kitchiness.

Red, 100% cotton shirt with the Wonder Woman logo, belt and the top of the stars printed off the bottom hem of the shirt. The back is blank. Note that this is longer in length than our standard babydolls. It comes down around your hips for the full costume-but-not-costume effect.
Remember in the 80s when people had "power suits" or "power ties?" (And for you younguns, no we're not talking Gundam-style power suits. We would have totally been into that.) Here's our latest answer to that: a power ring. Wear it when you predict a harsh day ahead. Budget review requiring you to rejustify all your projects? Design presentation to a client whose tastes run to the blink tag? Meetings with half a dozen execs who have their admins print their e-mails? The Power Ring can help. It's understated. It's unisex. It's black; it goes with everything. And it makes you feel in control.

Black enamel power symbol set into a matte-finish 8mm band. Rhodium-plated cast .925 solid sterling silver ring. Rhodium coating helps fight tarnishing and preserves the softer silver beneath longer. Clean with mild soap and warm water NOT silver cleaner.
Your favorite molecule shouldn't be relegated to casual Fridays. Bring it with you every day with a sterling silver incarnation. Designed by a wayward Ph.D. post-grad in molecular biophysics, this sterling silver caffeine molecule pendant is about 1.5 inches wide. It hangs from a sterling silver snake chain that can be adjusted for length between 16 and 18 inches.

Each necklace is packaged in a recycled gift box and includes an informational tag about caffeine. We know you're already in the know about caffeine, but if this is a gift or something that tag could come in handy. Or you could carry it with you for easier explanations when folks ask you what your necklace is all about.

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