FEB, 2011 – THINKGEEK and MIDTOWN COMICS are sponsoring one of the greatest nerd events to hit the NYC scene. I am so excited to be included in a Geek Girls Slumber Party with other nerdy girls who spend hours upon hours every week bringing you news and reviews about comics, movies, toys and tech. Who amongst us does not have a ThinkGeek Wish List? I know I do! Five of us will be “test sleeping” in taun-taun sleeping bags provided by ThinkGeek!

Meet the Geek Girls:

If you haven’t fallen madly in love with Jill then you need to leave my planet right now. She’s a fearless columnist who manages to juggle more assignments in a week than I see in a year. Plus, she’s beautiful, intelligent and exceptionally generous as you will learn from reading about all of her fundraising efforts for the MDA, Wonder Woman Day and various other organizations. Her hub is her blog, Has Boobs, Reads Comics. If you want to know anything about the DC universe whether comics, games or movies, then I suggest you start there. Should you manage to get a date with Jill, you should be advised that she will leave you for David Tennant.

She’s the ringleader of  the NYC metro area geeks. I have no idea how she does what she does. She’s the founder/publisher and lead geek at the GEEK GIRLS NETWORK and she can probably drink Dan Slott under the table. (Hey, I’ve seen Dan under tables! No, no, just kidding.) The GGN is responsible for what passes as my social calendar of meet ups which usually hosts the most nerd girls in one place at one time on any given day. Plus, she makes me very jealous with her dark hair and icy blue eyes that look like Lynda Carter.

Zoë is the face and voice of MIDTOWN COMICS and there’s no wonder why. Her love of Scott Pilgrim and Star Wars is obvious in her cosplay photos. Like the rest of us, Zoë spends plenty of time interviewing celebrities and talking comics.  She can probably dig up a meaningful quote on any subject which is a very cool superpower. Her nucleus is at tumblr. And one of the coolest things is that Zoë cranks out short stories like nobody’s business and appropriately refers to my home state as “Jersey” and not New Jersey (if you use the “New” we know you’re a tourist). For example, she starts a paragraph like this: “I found her in a bookstore, one of those corner stores in Manhattan with cluttered stacks of dusty paperbacks yellowing with age.” Yep, total nerd crush.

This Brooklyn girl is has a special place in many nerd hearts. Her love of Wonder Woman is no surprise but her chosen sport of Curling might be. Curling? Really? I had no idea sweeping ice could be so sexy but I’ve learned a valuable lesson now. Hear her on the Invisible Jetcast and Comics Roundtable. My other personal reason to love Ali with reckless abandon is her incredible fashion sense. She pulls off a retro look in ways I only dream about. I’m pretty sure she’s the real Anne Hathaway using a secret identity; I’ve never seen them in the same room at the same time. Check out Ali’s Short Box blog.

And then there’s me. Obviously if you’re here at AmberUnmasked then you know who I am. Model, Journalist, Blogger, Podcaster, Costume Designer and soon to be Comic Author. Woohoo! I may be broke but I have an incredible life filled with the most awesome people.

There you have it! Our ad hoc committee of Geek Girls that will be “test sleeping” in taun-taun sleeping bags provided by ThinkGeek!

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3 Comments on @ThinkGeek and @MidtownComics Slumber Party: Spotlight on the #GeekGirls

  1. Let us all know how they work. I too am a huge fan of ThinkGeek and saw these progress from April Fools gag to real life item. Have fun!

  2. OMG! I wish I could go! I’ve wanted a TaunTaun bag since I saw them at Toy Fair last year!! I could also cook a mean pancake with my Star Wars pancake molds and Darth Vader spatula!

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