It’s been a while since I’ve done an update on the photosets you’re missing if you’re not a member at With my computer issues, my news about their current hotties has gotten way behind. This past month members were delighted by some Sailor Moon girls, Sasuke, and one of my favorites so far X-23!

Another male model graces the pages with “Renegade” when Maxie plays as Sasuke from Naruto. (Sorry, this still isn’t enough to get me to watch it but Maxie is hot nonetheless).

Libra and Virgo aren’t quite double-teaming it as their sets appear separately but coming up is a Sailor Moon group set.  Dryden and Rosie have bodies that defy expectations. It’s something pretty awesome when ladies feel this comfortable with who they are. Two totally different shapes and beauty off the charts.

On a personal update, I still need to find the time to add effects to my Firestar set so that I can submit them. I think it’s a great series of pics of me and Miss Lion; but it desperately needs spicing up with some flamey goodness otherwise it’s a little boring. I have tons of deadlines that are all due about the same time and since I have two other CosDev sets already submitted, I’m not going to rush these Firestar pics out the door. I’ll get to them when I can.

As if these little thumbnails weren’t enough to convince you, get on over to CosplayDeviants where you can see just what it looks like when X-23 licks her blades!

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