Here are a couple of test shots of an idea that I had for DC Comics’ Zatanna. She’s a great character to tackle: she’s magical, she’s playful, she loves to perform for audiences, she loves Batman and let’s not forget that her magic is quite powerful.

From a design standpoint, I’ve always loved Zee’s elegance. She usually wears the tuxedo of a female stage magician while acting as if her magic is really just slight of hand illusion stunts. I’ll admit though, Zee’s wardrobe even had an unfortunate turn when some creator put her in the princess sleeves with a weird headpiece one can only describe as a bedazzled lobster; the bodysuit wasn’t bad but no one can forget that lobster. The tuxedo is quite classy and has been varied enough to give costumers freedom to explore different ways to produce the desired outcome.

Personally, I wanted a kick ass steampunk Zatanna in my super closet but instead I’m settling for whatever I can pull together from what’s already in my wardrobe. I did shell out the money for the top hat and for the bottoms that I think are just right for a pretty lingerie version. The other pieces are things I had. Of course, it could stand to be adorned and embellished a bit more to give it some flare. I might not be able to do the character justice as Meagan VanB did but this is one of those outfits that I’ll continue to add to as time goes on because I think small modifications here and there will be fun.

Smallville might have always missed the mark on scripting anything interesting for Clark Kent but costuming is the one area at which the show has excelled throughout the years. Smallville’s Zatanna was beautiful (though a bit thin in my opinion) donning the classic fishnets, a red cummerbund, white shirt and bow tie, and covered with a form-fitting single button closure tuxedo jacket.

I really don’t have any idea when I’ll be able to have some action with Zatanna but I look forward to it.

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4 Comments on New Ideas

  1. I agree Zatanna is a great idea. She’s fun, flirty, and still on a different level of heroine. And you cant really go wrong with a steam punk spin. I look forward too seeing what you do.

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