Thankfully it’s only a concussion, but today’s photographer had to cancel due to a car accident. I certainly wish him a speedy recovery.

We were planning on doing a shoot at my house which would have been a first for me. My front parlor, as you saw in the Zatanna test pictures is pretty well set up for Gypsy characters. I had wanted to shoot a little bit pseudo-Catwoman (again based solely on what’s already in my wardrobe), Zatanna or maybe Madame Xanadu, while not even considering canon designs.

My version of a Catwoman would utilize the shiny PVC suit that I have; it cost enough money so I might as well get use out of it. Throw my goggles on my head and bedazzle myself in lots of costume jewelry. That’s pretty much how I accessorize half my costumes.

My version of Madame Xanadu would be using this lovely pink and black corset that was gifted to me by my friend and photographer John Hudson. I wore it with a black frilly skirt to the Wild Pig Comics Sale in NJ and the outfit really looked nice. Of course I had to don my unattractive beat up black Timberlands but they sort of worked with the frilly lace. I guess I would have to wear my black wig and add some small braids to it to actually get the Xanadu look. She doesn’t have one outfit since she takes a potion for long life and is seen in many different eras; this is great for costuming because I could wear almost anything and get away with it. None of my outfits are truly period-authentic though so I’m sure some fanboy will call me out.

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