On May 22, 2010 it will be my channel’s 3 YEAR anniversary! That’s over 23,000 channel views, over 147,000 upload views, and over 900 subscribers!

I just want to thank everyone from my regular viewers like MarvelSucker, ersafeguard, kurumais, youtmeme, and the other great folks that comment all the time to the viewers that only get to check out the shows once in a while and let me know they are happy they found me. Thanks of course to Dynamic Forces and Dynamite Entertainment for their sponsorship (always looking for more sponsors, btw). Thanks to guys like Trevor who get forced into being a slave,… I mean… intern, yes INTERN when I need a camera operator. And especially great big thanks to guys who have been bailing me out through my continued technical difficulties, Lord Shaper, Paul French and Dave Wachter.

Each and every one of you who give constructive and fun feedback are heroes to me. You know I’ve had plenty of times when the trolls get me down but you’re there for me and help support my efforts of bringing comic book, pop culture and entertainment reviews, news and interviews to the cyberwebs. So raised your coffee mugs in a toast – to another great year! THANK YOU!

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