If you haven’t gotten your paid membership yet, you’re missing the latest articles and images. I recently posed for a local art school’s life drawing class. The few images I have are only paid content. YOU HAVE TO BE A REGISTERED PAID MEMBER: if you have signed up for one of the paid options and still cannot see the page, please let me know. The page is not available for the free trial or non-member levels, only “Sidekick,” “Vigilante,” and “Hero.” To register, scroll to the bottom of the page where you’ll find either “REGISTER” or “LOG IN.”

EDIT – Due to the restrictions prohibiting me from using PayPal, the only people that can have access to the Restricted content must be artists that I personally know.

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5 Comments on Latest Modeling News in Paid Section

  1. Ummm Amber Luvvie? why was I down graded back to a free member when I am a paid member?….grrrrr

  2. I just became a paid member and can’t seem to log in to see that paid member photos.

  3. i’ve been trying to address the login issues but the prob is it isn’t every member, seems ranndom so I can’t determine what the problem is in order to fix it. I think paypal is the problem but I do see everyone’s payments; some of them come out as “unclaimed” which does not have a way of resolving. My paypal acct was upgraded to a business acct & has been verified so to me that says the probs are on the members’ accts but folks have said they never had probs w/ paypal before. I get charge fees every time $ comes in & every time I refund. If I can’t figure it out by tuesday, I’m afraid i’ll just issue everyone refunds & close the premium sections.

  4. I just signed up through PayPal as a “Sidekick” and I am having the same problems that everyone else have had. I was automatically set as a Free Account and am being asked to pay a second time if I want full access to the members area.

    • This seems to happen to everyone that uses one email account for their membership here but a different email account for PayPal. The software wp-member, has no way of knowing that they are connected so an admin has to go into each profile and manually activate the account. Obviously there is a delay in your readership when that happens but if takes more than a day, we adjust the expiration date accordingly.

      Some people also have problems if they haven’t cleared their cache; do that and try logging in again.

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