I was recently contracted by a group of local artists that meet at an art school in South Pittsburgh. Last night was my first evening of modeling for their life drawing session. They’re an incredibly nice bunch of patient folks. We worked for 2 hours. I did only two long 45-minute poses, getting breaks as needed about every 15 minutes. The second pose was reclining so other than being a bit chilly, I was comfortable.

Artist Ken Wagle offered me one of his pieces which are the two in the gallery shown on brown paper. I accepted the one of the reclining pose with the purple and black coloring. It’s gorgeous and I’m so happy to have it in my collection of original art.

On a strange note, one of the artists was telling me about a computer worm that just hacked through her computer and we bonded because it sounded like one of the ones that I got hit with.

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3 Comments on Art School Modeling

  1. I have a friend in Seattle who sketches the models at the Dr.Sketchy’s there.AWESOME!!!

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