FEB, 2011 – I’ve created a list of Top Ten List of Geeks That Should Be My Valentine since I’ll be celebrating by myself. This blossomed because of the list I made back in December of 2010. I had noticed this trend about Top Lists of Geek Girls. I got peeved that there weren’t any for the beloved Geek Men so I had created that nifty list of Geeks That Should Be On A Calendar. since I’ll be celebrating by myself. I guess I’ll be “celebrating” myself as well if you know what I mean.


The difference between the lists you will see, is that my Valentine List is not male-exclusive. That really shouldn’t shock anyone at this point. I embarrassed myself thoroughly with that previous list but I’m happy to report that the wives and girlfriends I heard from were quite supportive and confirmed that I do have good taste.

Also, I found this blog of creepy Valentine’s cards. Just for good measure, you understand.

10. Cameron Rice (@jurassicalien) - Cameron is responsible for my Epic Tweet stories. If you don’t know, every once in a while I lose my mind and tweet an entire story line by line. Cameron’s inquiring questions about one of my tweets launched into the beginning of my first Epic Tweet story about Lockjaw. For that and for his support in podcasting, he is awesome.
This is pretty much what he looks like during a skype or cam chat. Adorable.
9. Damian Smith (@LordShaper) - An Aussie with a heart of gold, Damian saves my ass (actually my website) on a regular basis when I can’t figure out something stupid in WordPress. He finds it hysterical that I think his voice is sexy, but really it is! He’s just a big ol’ lovable geek and I love him. I think his wife would give it a pass if I wanted to have dinner with Lord Shaper.
He's not really scary. I promise!
8. Pete LePage (@comicbooklive) - I’ve had a nerd crush on Pete forever since I began watching the Comic Book Club videos where Pete, Justin & Alex review comics. One year I was dressed as Power Girl at NYCC and saw Pete walk by and suddenly the paparazzi of people around me were merely “in my way” because I wanted to run over to Pete and introduce myself. Well, a year and a half later, I finally met him when he interviewed me in 2010 for Wonder Woman Day. I’m pretty sure I may have formed some sentences that were coherent but I can’t be positive.
Sure he's married but does that mean he couldn't be my Valentine? What? Really? 🙁
7. Jason Antonelli (@legendaryjedij) - I have a fair amount of “cosplay crushes” but so few people live in the same state I do! Jedi-J is not only smokin’ frakkin’ hot but he’s within reasonable driving distance. I actually turned into a blushing blithering idiot when I saw him dressed as Dr. Jones, Sr. #truestory. You can ask him. Someone please distract his wife.
If you think that's hot, you should see him in Jedi robes. *drool*
6. Han Pan - Cosplay Darling Han Pan is an absolute sweetheart. Can you fault me for thinking about this one? She’s crazy and smart which is a lethal combination. Her boyfriend lives way out of town so maybe I have a chance at asking her to be my Valentine.
I even have pictures of her grabbing my butt.
5. Elliott Serrano (@GeekToMe) - Elliott and I frequently commiserate about being alone so there’s a real simple solution to this: we should be hanging together. The problem is once again, geography. If it weren’t for all these pesky states between us, I’ve no doubt that Elliot and I would shut down a few bars, rock out some karaoke, and happily pass out on a couch somewhere (preferably somewhere that doesn’t involve a B&E charge).
4. Paul Storrie (@storrieville) - It’s actually because of Thom Zahler that I know Paul. They shared a booth in Baltimore where I freeloaded to no end; they were kind & didn't kick me out. Paul has since become one my BFFs and he’s totally encouraging when I begin drunk texting him. Some folks might get really put off by that. We also love to share the hashtag #poorpitifultweet so we should be Valentines at some point even if it isn’t Valentine’s Day. Once again, stupid geography is a problem. Detroit just isn’t on my list of top romantic cities. Being a Castle fan certainly helps though.
That's really not Patton Oswalt. Paul is way funnier.
3. Duane Swierczynski (@swierczy) - You might know him from his work at Marvel Comics or perhaps any of his crime noir novels. I know him as the smart ass on twitter known as @swierczy who has managed to make me more smile and laugh more than anyone on my saddest days. We finally met in person at a Goodis Tribute in Philly after tweeting each other for a lifetime. Plus, he shares his scotch with me, so gold star right there!

All good tributes end with pretending to be Spider-Man in a pub.
2. Jimmy Aquino (@jimmyaquino) - Jimmy tried to save my Christmas and he did so by luring me to a mall where he presented me with one of my all-time favorite things, chocolate covered espresso beans. The sheer fact that he paid attention to my silly messages to know that’s what I love means this guy is something special. He’s now solo on Comic News Insider and if I were even half as good, I’d beg to be a guest host.

The fact that Jimmy is in this picture with two of my other nerd crushes, Nathan Fillion & John Cassaday... I have no words, just put me in there like a club sandwich of geekdom.
1. Thom Zahler (@loveandcapes) - Oh, Thom Zahler of Zahlerdu. What can I say about Thom that I haven’t said eight million times on twitter and facebook? There’s nothing. I’ve said it all. He knows I’m crazy about him. His characters from LOVE AND CAPES are endearing couples and singles that make me hug the comic when I’m reading it (sorry, mine might be creased now). If leading lady Abby is the perfect woman, I’m clearly the saucy attention-seeking Amazonia - no shock why I dressed as her for NYCC. Abby owns a book shop which was one of my dreams with my mother. Closest I got was working in a school library and it was pretty great. Thom and I have had dinner before and each time falls into my personal “crazy/awesome” category. He even timed LNC’s newest volume’s #1 issue to come out last week, in time for Valentine’s Day so fans can see the cover inspired by those vintage greeting cards covered in hearts and schmoopie quotes. He's also a huge fan of Castle. Win.

I really wish I could have pulled off that Amazonia costume better. He deserves the perfect booth babe.

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  1. I’ve asked the wife and she said as long as there’s money in the card everything is fine to go out hehe

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