20-OCT-2011 Today an article in MEN’S FITNESS magazine shows that some people never grow up.

Since I won’t provide a direct link to the article in question and be responsible for generating any revenue for their irresponsible and shoddy work, I will link to the EXAMINER article which is how I discover the controversial post.

There are anti-bullying campaigns in schools across the United States. Like other forms of violent abuse and harassment, why does the cycle persist? Writer Jordan Burchette clearly never learned his lesson and for some reason he was compelled to attend New York Comic Con for the sole purpose of photographing cosplayers that didn’t measure up to his standard of having a superhero physique.

Most costumers don’t, by the way, look like comic book characters. We do it because, like Halloween dress up, the craft of it is creative and fun. It shows our love of a publisher, a character or an artist. Some create characters of their own or variations of existing characters.

The MEN’S FITNESS article is a virtual swirlie.

It’s taking all my willpower (a word I learned because I read GREEN LANTERN) not to lash out in a tirade of expletives calling Burchette every foul name in my vocabulary. And I’m the daughter of a Polish New Jersey truck driver – I know expletives. I won’t sink to that level.

Instead I’m going to share some finer moments of the industry that does propel fitness – SPORTS. I happily came across a site called smilorama which has an entire article dedicated to FOOTBALL FANATICS.

Hmmmm….. how many football fans look like football players?

I present some of the best moments here.

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3 Comments on Bashing Cosplayers After Photographing Them at Con

  1. This guy is a total Jackass. Your analogy of football fans not looking like football players is spot on! Don’t let moron’s like this dissuade anyone from being a cosplayer.

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