20-OCT-2011 I’ve had the chance to read some of MARK STEGBAUER’S DR. GOYLE scripts in the past and they are genuinely fun science fiction adventures that any age reader can enjoy. I knew of Mark’s art talents and was honored to have him on my team for TORI BRIN, TEEN DETECTIVE but I didn’t know Mark was a writer too. They are two different processes of the creative brain and most people don’t have the gift for being good at both of them.

DR. GOYLE campaign page.


“When evil rears its ugly heads, who is there to give it a two-fisted headache?”

Dr Goyle of course!!! Dr Goyle is the creation of Mark Stegbauer (writer/inker/letterer) and Mike Norton (penciller). Originally published as a one shot back in 1999 by Arrow comics, Dr Goyle is a monster fighting, mystery solving adventurer, who just happens to be a an ancient sorcerer trapped in the body of a stone gargoyle. Aided by his brilliant but nerdy assistant Wilbur, he stands to battle the things that go bump in the night!

Dr Goyle is an all ages comic, harking back to the days of cartoons like Scooby-Doo and Johnny Quest. If Hellboy, the Tick, and Sherlock Holmes were mashed together and had the campiness of the Batman tv show thrown in, you’d get Dr Goyle!!

Dr Goyle will be returning in 2012 for a 6 issue series published by Alphadog Studios. Mark will be doing the writing, penciling, inking and lettering. Like the first issue from Arrow, each issue will also feature pin ups of Dr Goyle by various comic artists, many of whom have never had their work published before. Mark is a 20 year veteran of the comic industry and this is his pride and joy. All of his creative energies are being channeled into this project.

Dr Goyle is all about bring fun to comics. Too many comics these days are inaccessible to younger readers, because they often have more grown up themes. This book is made to appeal to all ages, be they old , young or in between. A 6-year old can pick up an issue of Dr Goyle and be entertained, as can a 26-year old, or a 46-year old.

This campaign is all about returning fun to comics and giving young readers a reason to read comics, and keep reading them. Dr Goyle fills a niche in the comic industry that is quite empty in the current market. Very few all ages books exist currently.

Failure to successfully fund this campaign will continue to leave the all ages market with very little product to entertain readers. If the market is to grow, it needs new readership that continues to read comics even as the readership gets older and finds other forms of entertainment.

Failure to fund also means that many up and coming artists will now have to wait to get their art published, an important step in any comic artist’s career.

Several incentives are available for those wishing to help fund the publication of Dr Goyle. Limited edition holiday cards, t-shirts, poster, stickers, copies of issues, sketches, and original art are just a few of them. Donators can even become characters in the stories!

Dr Goyle needs your help!! Spread the word! If you are a comic fan, or think that comics should be for all ages, then spread the word through your Facebook page, or with your Twitter tweets!! Help make the publication of Dr Goyle happen!!

“It’s fiend finding time!!!”

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