I’m in a mad rush to try and update as quickly as the COSPLAY DEVIANTS sets come out now. If you haven’t checked it out lately, there are more sets released each month than the previous once per week. I’ll try to keep up promoting my fellow models whenever possible.

BOOKWORM is an adorable set that I can’t imagine anyone not enjoying. The thoughts of a nerdy librarian girl stripping down to lie upon stacks of literature and the latest Wednesday haul is appealing to everyone I know. So take a looksee here for this Read or Die glimpse of Agent Paper. Deviant Ivy is nuts about Zelda and Scooby Doo. What’s not to love about this chick?

AGENT is a photoset of the fringe character Spider Woman from Marvel Comics. Is she the Agent of S.W.O.R.D. or S.H.I.E.L.D. these days? Not sure. But I’m quite certain we can all agree Jessica Drew has never looked better.  I was personally confused by the action comic that was released which gave Jessica a sultry British accent. I had never thought of her that but the voice was alluring and befitting of any super spy.  Deviant Rosie proves that a girl can enjoy her body while still being a proper lady. Just remember that, folks. Just because we may go out in costume or without anything at all, doesn’t mean we’re trashy. Rosie can probably out nerd you any way. As a comic lover, she’s certainly a top class lady in my book!

DESERT PRINCESS from Prince of Persia features Deviant Jsica who once wow’d us with her Gunner set. This Arabian fantasy takes role playing games to a whole new level. The earthy tones with cotton and silk fabric textures creature a visual montage of on exotic realm. You can practically smell the sandalwood. If you are a Prince of Persia fan, you should also check out the Dynamite Entertainment comic book. I’ve been reading it (and having never played nor seen the ab-tastic film) I can tell you that the interiors are wonderfully vivid and the story has an appropriate amount of pluck to it. I love that the women in the comic are shapely, curvy and not exaggerated bony skeletons with giant boobs. But until you go sifting through the white boxes at the comic shop, take an hour to enjoy Jsica’s delightfully sensual set.

MADE IN HEAVEN is a set showing perfect examples of alt modeling. Deviant Jett’s body is covered a variety of graphical tatts on her pale skin. Jett may feel like a tomboy sometimes but she’s basically a badass action chick. She’s bold and outspoken. I’m sure if you become a fan of hers (and why wouldn’t you?), she’ll be perfectly honest with anything you could throw her way. Girly doesn’t mean timid with this Deviant who shows us Claire from Resident Evil.

TRESPASSER is brought to you by the experienced Deviant model Chibi. She has the Asian look which usually defines cosplay modeling. I can’t tell you too much about Chibi except that her portrayal of Adora from Magna Carta has a filmhouse feel to it. The costume colors bounce off the subtle background like a brilliantly colored comic book page. Before reaching for that PS controller, use your hands for something else (navigating the site of course!). Check out Chibi’s set and you’ll fall in love faster than you can say Up, Up, Down, Down.

And don’t forget you can still find my AMAZON DEVIANT set there too! It’s not how I normally celebrate Wonder Woman Day, but there’s no reason why the matriarch of comics can’t have an exciting sexual side too.

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