He has Harveys, Reubens and Eisners. He’s called the fastest cartoonist alive. He’s SERGIO ARAGONÉS and he’s one of our featured participants in the 2010 Superhero comic book art auction benefiting domestic violence organizations.

I love seeing Stacy Korn, my mentor & main coordinator for Wonder Woman Day NJ, going absolutely fangirl silly at times. I knew something big must have happened when she found me in Baltimore Comic Con and she was blushing and giddy. It was big indeed. SERGIO ARAGONÉS, legendary comic book creator of GROO (Dark Horse Comics), had given her a sketch for the charity event.

Aragonés has won some prestigious awards including the Will Eisner Hall of Fame Award. Like our other featured artist, Jamal Igle, Aragonés was churning out comics in his teens. He’s been in 99.99% of the MAD Magazine issues that have ever been published (missing only one since 1963).

Sergio’s donation to this year’s fundraiser shows Wonder Woman on her way into battle. It looks like she’s worked up in a fury about to give the bad guys a real lesson in manners. Or maybe, knowing Sergio’s sense of humor, she just lost the keys to the invisible jet.

HOW CAN YOU OWN THIS WONDERFUL PIECE OF ORIGINAL ARAGONÉS ART? It’s simple! Just email your proxy maximum bid to bids@comicfusion.com between now and 5:00 EST on October 24th when the bidding officially ends. You can also come by Comic Fusion and place your bid in person. For a complete list of artwork available at the New Jersey auction visit the Comic Fusion site. Proceeds from the NJ event go directly to S.A.F.E. in Hunterdon. On behalf of the charity and Comic Fusion, thank you, Sergio!

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