ACE from the JUSTICE LEAGUE animated series had been on my To Do list since around 2007 or 2008. I finally began the project October 2, 2010. In order to get some fabric online, I needed a minimum amount. I ordered a yard of white and yellow just increase the yards to the minimum. I had no plans for them. I put the whole thing together within two days.

I thought about remaking the Power Girl bodysuit since mine was created out of white PVC. Then I kept thinking about characters with white bodysuits and remembered Ace. I stopped the redesign of Power Girl and took up this one instead. I ran out to Party City and grabbed the only short black wig they had. It was $20 and it’s awful but I couldn’t wait for shipping to get a better one from This will have to suffice.

At this point, the elastic needs to be ripped out and reinstalled. I tried putting it in a different way because my machine really hates elastic. It jams every single time I try installing elastic. Needless to say, trying to baste the elastic straight in place then hemming it under just made a giant mess. I’m calling in a favor to Mom who doesn’t mind ripping out stitches nearly as much as I do; however, it’s very likely I’ll end up having to cut it out which will create higher arches at the hip. The final thing will be embellishing the barrette in my hair with a white club symbol. I’m wearing my black ankle boots because I don’t see the point in spending money on a pair of grey ones when I have black ones I actually wear constantly. I also put the zipper in the front and changed the collar to a mandarin style because I just happen to like it that way better. Oh well. I can’t seem to ever make anything 100% accurate.

** It looks like I have the BLACK and WHITE on the wrong sides but I photographed myself in the mirror.**

The black club symbol on the chest is a piece of black spandex which I zig-zag stitched. I had actually applied a tiny amount of flexible stretchable glue first and let it dry just to hold it in place. The stitching is around the edge.


ACE is not always a cute little girl. In some of the cartoons and comics, the Ace member of the Royal Flush Gang is a male android like in Batman Beyond. Before I saw this female version of Ace, it was the Queen of the gang that I wanted to create. To this day, I’m afraid to because she looks pretty complicated. Queen stays on the list but falls squarely in the “I’ll-get-to-it-someday” category. The version of the Queen which accompanies the female Ace, is a design that reminds me of the JLU (Bruce Timm) Star Sapphire, another costume that has been on my list for a long time (I had instead opted to do the classic Star Sapphire but still love the Timm version).

1. Modified existing pattern.

2. Cut out fabric pieces.

3. Cut out the interfacing for the collar. Basted into spandex. Trimmed.

4. Finished wrist of sleeves and zig-zag stitched the long seam under the arms.

5. Made a straight cut 18″ down the center of the main front piece (white). Installed a zipper.

6. Stitched together all the white pieces.

7. Stitched together all the black pieces.

8. Cut out the club symbol and attached it to the suit.

9. Install the elastic.

10. Fittings and alterations were needed.

11. Cut a white club symbol out of a sheet of craft foam and used the specific “foam glue” to attach it to an old barrette.

DC Super Villains
Photo by Bree Smith

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  1. This is one of my favorite cosplay creations of yours. VERY well done 🙂

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