featurebanner_vitodelsante_interviewAMBER LOVE 19-DEC-2013 For the first time on VODKA O’CLOCK, comic writer and occasional actor VITO DELSANTE stops by to talk about life as a new dad, making comics, and his current WORLD WAR MOB graphic novel.

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Vito recaps his time at New York Comic Con with his wife and new baby Sadie who cosplayed as a wee Batman and Robin in a tutu. She was already surrounded by the stars – Billy Tucci and Mark Texeira. She was photographed with renowned costume creator Bob Keiffer who was Batman and Superman. Naturally Vito believes his daughter is the smartest kid in the world. Should she end up becoming a super villain, he’s absolutely okay with that.

WORLD WAR MOB premiered at NYCC this year with its first issue. It’ll be released January 8, 2014 in digital format and then in print in May as a full trade paperback through New Paradigm Studios. Artist Giancarlo Caracuzzo joined the project after over a dozen failed attempts at securing someone for the job. Caracuzzo has worked with Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray a few times. He lives in Italy and having him on a book primarily set in Italy is a cool bit of kizmit.

The New York mafia’s Luciano crime family puts out a hit on Mussolini. Vito strongly believes no one else could write the story the way he has. People could write another story but none would be the same. The book is inspired by true events. Vito grew up around John Castellano, a friend of his grandfather. It wasn’t that familial connection that actually inspired Vito to write WWM. He adores the late great Marilyn Monroe. He finds her relationships fascinating and if he could time travel back to save her, he would. The JFK/Marilyn and conspiracy theories about that time were actually the nuggets of history that propelled him into this story.

vito delsante incogvitoVito spent a portion of his youth wanting to be just like John Romita, Jr. He considers being a writer to mean being a failed artist. In comics, that’s likely true. When Vito gave up the career path for comic art, he focused on acting and music.

“I have more confidence in my acting than I do in my writing.” ~VD

Vito emphasizes the importance of following comic submission guidelines. Each publisher is different. You might think that you’re going to turn over your entire script but that’s highly unlikely. The pitch needs to be what the publisher wants or they won’t bother looking at it at all before giving it proper consider to accept or reject based on the story.

“We lost the idea of what it means to be a man in the world.” ~VD

He grew up under the shadow of the name Vito Corleone. It bothered him so much that for the longest time he refused to watch THE GODFATHER. Of course once he did, he recognized the brilliance.

“I have a responsibility to my daughter to tell her a story she can learn from.” ~VD

We broach the subject of creating for free and what some boundaries or exceptions could be. He feels vested in the success of his friends. He can’t see any benefit from bringing a fellow creator down especially when they are at the same level.

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