JAMAL IGLE has supported Wonder Woman Day since its inception five years ago. His pieces have been part of the founding auction in Portland, Oregon. This year, Jamal is donating his time away from cons and his family to spend October 23rd with us at Comic Fusion to kick off our two-day Superhero Weekend which is our NJ version of WWD. To help out S.A.F.E. in Hunterdon, please stop by on Saturday and commission a sketch from Jamal and please bid on the other donated artwork. We’ll also have tons of raffle drawings plus appearances by the 501st and superheroes!

Wonder Woman lifts the wreckage from a battlefield in Jamal’s 2010 piece for the Portland auction. The subtle colors are the result of Copic markers. Jamal’s been hard at work crafting the fantastical world of comics since the tender age of 17 when he began at DC Comics as a penciller. Recently, it’s the characters Supergirl and Firestorm that are his best known but as a DC exclusive artist, he can crank out anything from the vast DCU.

I’ve interviewed Jamal several times and was fortunate to have him as a panel guest for the CGS Supershow character designing panel. You can look up all my “Jamal” videos at my YouTube channel.

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