JAN, 2011 – SLIM & POSH is the short story of Dr. Paul David, a scientist diligently working on lab monkeys to develop a cure for obesity. I wrote it as part of one of the monthly challenges in a comic writers’ workshop.  This is to be included in an anthology project spearheaded by Shawn Atkins of Workshop13. If you’re interested in indie comics, see if you can join us at the Pittsburgh Indy Comic Society on facebook.

Our challenge this particular month was to write a story based on a chosen scientific theory from a news article that was posted. I chose the theory that if all empty space could be removed from between molecules and atomic particles, that all of human life would be able to fit in the space the size of a sugar cube. Naturally with my obsessions of body weight, food, health and self image, I turned this into a story about a monstrous pharmaceutical company on the verge of making billions to cure obesity by removing empty space in the human body. The scientific experiments have some unfortunate and unexpected results.

I had a tough time coming up with any ideas based on the theories that were in the original article. I’m not a science nerd at all. I love science but I don’t absorb the knowledge of it.

Two amazing things came out of this experience for me personally. First, I got name my main character and four lab monkeys after friends who I hoped would not be insulted. I received resounding endorsements from most of them (a little worried about the ones I haven’t heard from!) Hey, monkeys are cool. And there is no poo-flinging in this story. But seriously, I owe thanks to the guys for letting me use their names. When I strike it rich, lapdances are on me.

@JK_Woodward: the comic is fantastic! I love my monkey!

Secondly, I got to work with an artist that I have admired for a very long time, Thomas Boatwright whose book CEMETERY BLUES was one of the earliest comics I ever reviewed (written up at Dynamic Forces). He is so perfect for this story and with any luck I’ll be able to work with him again.

Monkeys. Shrink Rays. An evil corporate empire! Oh, yes. It’s all here.

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