AUG 15, 2009 (Originally posted at HeroFashions) – THE BIG BARDA COSTUME FOR Emm Kay IS FINISHED!!! Time to go read some comics! Here are some Work In Progress (& Finished) pictures.

Here’s a quick look at what the major elements were made from (I threw in some of the expenses just because they were in my hand scribbled notes):


Cape – modified a Butterick pattern #4377, added some length, made more narrow; cutting & construction about 5 hours, shortening after making it too long 1 hr; pleated & finishing 2 hrs; made from red crepe and red stretch lining (Denver Fabrics online)

Belt – gold belt pleather from the ribbon section of Joann’s Fabrics ($12); Wonderflex pieces heat molded ($20), craft foam sheets ($5), bra closure for adjustability ($2), velcro used in other things also ($15); spray painted gold caribiner clip


Body suit cutting & construction – 3 hours (just the blue shirt & pants); another 2 hrs for zipper, hems, elastic.; modified Kwik Sew pattern #3029 for the pants and the torso – had to add long sleeves which are pointed and have an elastic loop to go around the middle fingers.

Briefs – custom briefs made from metallic foil spandex

Gloves – purchased by M.K. off ebay; I modified by cutting off a few inches of the gold, adding black spandex and snapping on gold spray painted buttons.


Strap accessories – the shirt straps around the biceps are grosgrain ribbon covered in plasti-dip; the legs are just the plain ribbon w/o the plasti-dip; gold spray painted buttons snapped on.


Boots – purchased by M.K.; sprayed the top 3″ with black plasti-dip for about 3-4 coats; snapped on the gold sprayed buttons.

Motherbox – completely done by M.K.

Chest armor – made by Richie’s Armor, the creator of the female stormtrooper ($45); dremeled, painted and accessorized by me; added straps.

I’m not doing the head gear. M.K. is handling that part of the project and posting progress at the SCF boards.


Officially the project began April 14, 2009 when I was contacted by M.K. and we immediately began conducting our research on fabrics and designs. That’s exactly a 4-month period of working on this. It was by far the most challenging project I’ve done with many failed experiments along the way. I even tried making the chest armor myself originally and spent quite a bit on materials for it but it was just easier & cheaper to go to an expert.

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