JAN, 2011 – The BATMAN television show first aired on January 12, 1966 on ABC (according to wikipedia). How will you celebrate?

You can try a candelight dinner with your special someone followed up with a tantalizing viewing of the BATMAN XXX parody which flawlessly recreated the costumes (substituting the real logos with custom ones). I finally saw it (twice) and have to say, it’s brilliant. Before I had a chance to formulate my own Two(-face) Cents about it, I relied on the esteemed expertise of my comics colleague, Bunche. Then I had the pleasure of meeting the starlets at Exxxotica.

Okay, so if you don’t think of a BATMAN show as a stepping stone for romance (WTF is wrong with you?) then maybe you just need to screen some of your favorite TAS episodes or mourn the canceled BRAVE AND THE BOLD none of which would have the same impact had it not been for the original show; TAS removed the camp which B&B embraced.

You can also celebrate the way Jill the Nerdy Bird has by treating herself to a new Bat-present. She blogged about her new Mimobot flash drives. I’m madly in love with many Mimobots but cannot bring myself to shell out that kind of money when I’m too practical and look at gigs rather than gimmicks.

No matter what – don’t forget your comics! Be sure to follow DETECTIVE COMICS artist, my current favorite sequential artist Francesco Francavilla.

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  1. How will I celebrate the 45th anniversary of the BATMAN show? By watching THE GREEN HORNET series …

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