DEC, 2010 – Reviewing my YouTube hits, I found out what the top videos of my channel have been. Plus, just under the wire for the year, I was honored to be interviewed by JAZMA, a pop culture website where I talked about comics, costuming and Wonder Woman Day and wanted to quickly sneak in that link before this day ends.

Below are my Top Viewed videos of 2010. The first is overall views and it happens to be the one I feel was my best interview ever. The equipment worked; my software back then was working and easy; and it was with John Schneider – a celeb crush from when I watched him on Dukes of Hazzard to seeing him make fatherhood look super hot on Smallville. Some times it’s hard to get a subject to say more than “yes” or “no” in an interview. John (yes, I’m on a first name basis now) was the perfect guest.

I also was curious about my Top Viewed comic book review. Considering the news of DC Comics titles and reorganization (to revisit all that check out Jill’s column), I should not be surprised that Wonder Woman #600 has more than 1,400 views. I’m thrilled than anyone watches anything I produce but the fact that the fans out there think I have something worth to say on such an iconic title and character is quite touching. I still have Wonder Woman on my pull list. I continue to hope DC will figure out the formula that will make her “work” in an ongoing solo title. With such great versions of her in animation, I still don’t know why the comics flounder. Here’s hoping our Amazon Princess storms 2011!

As for other popular videos, they were more of the sultry variety. Almost 3,000 views have hit the behind the scenes look at my Guns of Shadow Valley photoshoot. And my reporting of the Exxxotica convention hasn’t been up very long but is over 1,300 in a short amount time.



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