“…Imagine if the likes of The Mummy and Van Helsing were actually, you know, good.” — Warren Ellis writer/co-creator, Planetary, The Authority, Transmetropolitan and more

My friend Steve Bryant is the creator of Athena Voltaire. For years, Steve has managed to capture the true essence of a female adventuress. I’ve seen ladies cosplay as “sexy Indiana Jones” — well, I simply don’t get it! Athena Voltaire, like Lara Croft, is ready and waiting for the love of the pop culture fandoms. I’m on board. Yes, indeed, I have almost a complete Athena Voltaire outfit. It may not be my “best” work since I didn’t actually design it but it will be worn with great anticipation and admiration for when I get to spend time at Steve’s booth.

In order to dedicate his time and focus to the return of Athena Voltaire, Steve is looking to raise $7,000. He emphasizes that this isn’t charity. He’s got great incentive packages for contributors much like when you donate to PBS. Time is running out! He only gets the money if he reaches his goal, otherwise, your bank account will never deduct your pledge.

“Athena Voltaire is just my kind of glorious pulp epic. A comic lover’s comic book if there ever was one, full of everything that makes comic books worth loving.” — Matt Fraction writer, Invincible Iron Man, Uncanny X-Men, writer/co-creator, Casanova

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