DEC, 2010 – I’m working with a partner to look into avenues for selling costumes again. Since my once successful Hero Fashions on etsy can’t operate because of PayPal, I’ve been stuck. With any luck, we’ll be able to have my costumes listed in someone else’s etsy store. Hopefully, I’ll have a firm announcement soon about when I can resume selling.

I make no bones about it – I’m not a professional costume designer. If you’re looking for the best of the best, I will gladly refer you to my friends at Dale Morton Studio, Mike Schiffbauer or Brian Parsley. I’m reluctant to ever take on a commission for someone not my size because without proper fittings, I can’t guarantee a decent looking suit. I also don’t do props and rarely include accessories (it takes 8 hours to hand sew one glove so it’s not something I’m willing to do often). Those again, get sent to referrals. I can’t even design logos for the embroidery carriage anymore because once I upgraded OS, the software was outdated and costs almost a grand to get a new full copy. So again, chances are suits will not have embroidery. I also do not make Wonder Woman suits for other people. It’s one of the most difficult suits I’ve ever made and since so much of the look is based on the armor, I don’t feel that I can do it properly for other people.

VISIT MY COMMISSION GALLERY – I don’t take commissions often, maybe 1-2 each year.

Here’s what I do:

I make pretty good spandex suits for women that can fit into M-L petites (US sizes 8-12 under 5’5″) and matching totes. I have plenty of pictures of what I do in my galleries and tutorials.

Pricing (approximate):

This is always something that sounds fishy and it’s not meant to. Different fabrics will be a different price. Good quality milliskin spandex will cost ME around $16/yard because the fabric is around $10 and I usually have to get it shipped from New York since I live in the middle of nowhere far from decent stores. I will promise you that the milliskin I use is a better quality than what I’ve found at Joann’s spandex/dancewear section. I was only able to find three different fabrics at Joann’s that had enough thickness that they weren’t see-through. Zippers can be in the front or back depending on your needs.

Single color from design in stock (like Black Cat, Fantastic Four) – $90-110

Two color from design in stock (like Rogue w/o jacket- $175-200

More complicated suits can be as much as $300+ (like Harley Quinn, Ravager)

Occasionally I also have something in my wardrobe that I didn’t personally create and put those items up for sale too. I’ll try answer questions as best as I can on those items, but there’s not much I know about them.

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2 Comments on Miscellaneous Costumes – Hopefully For Sale Soon

  1. Greetings, Im interested in knowing if you have a pattern for the Harley Quinn..

    Im the chief jester of my clown unit and I was looking for such a pattern to make an outfit in Purple and Yellow preferrably with some baggy shorts. if not modified top to slip over that would come down to knees as an alternate,

    • Actually, I bought my Harley pattern from a woman on etsy named Holly Messenger. I don’t know if she still has a shop there or not.

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