DEC, 2010 – The internet is swarming with announcements about enticing Geek Girls calendars. I thought things were a bit unbalanced so I decided to try and come up with a list of Geek Guys that should be in a calendar. This was a very tough process. There were many that were swapped over the weeks of grueling decision making. The likes of Troy Hickman whose powers are so strong no camera is capable of capturing his image; and then there’s the “Good Guy” image of Thom Zahler that I thought might off-set the Bad Boys of the list but the edgy blokes won out. I would need more months in order to truly make my dream calendar. Maybe I should turn this into a coffee table book of sexy comic guys instead. Then my nearest and dearest like Jimmy Aquino and Elliot Serrano would get full color spreads, no doubt donning silk robes. And sadly, I must add that a good portion of the men on this list are not single. A bachelor’s list of sexy comics men requires too much research and it’s after midnight when I should be finishing a script. Forgive me.

Without further adieu, I hereby continue my road of embarrassing myself with much blushing in the process of clicking the “publish” button…

I had him first, Clare!

Robot Chicken, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Freshmen (Top Cow)
A humble comics creator, too talented for his own good.

Street Angel, Afrodisiac (AdHouse)
Rising to stardom in comics, leaving schleps like me behind. Dave will be a guest at several cons for 2011 so you'll be able to ogle his art and him in several cities.

Guns of Shadow Valley, Scar Tissue, Hellbound Train (IDW)
The bad boy never looked so good. Who would have thought someone like this was in comics AND that he's incredibly nice? Yeah, shocked me too.

The Living Corpse, Dynamic Forces
Dynamite Entertainment's backbone. The fact that I'm a complete sucker for the Reed Richards hair is publicly known as my kryptonite.

Dynamite Entertainment
He's just too dashing to leave off any Sexy Comics list.

30 Days of Night (IDW), Wormwood: Gentleman's Corpse, Hatter M (Image)
The sheer amount of blushing and giggling I do around him is testament enough.

DC Comics co-Publisher and writer
The target of my comic industry stalking. It's a good hobby to have.

Billy Batson & the Magic of Shazam (DC)
He's opening my eyes to a new crazy world.

Fallen Angel, Star Trek (IDW)
I expected geek rock stars to be elitist jerks but these guys are total sweethearts and damn cute to boot.

Soon to be part of the Green Lantern movie soundtrack! (DC/WB)
I have not had the pleasure of meeting Art yet but he's the creator of my favorite comic, Tiny Titans. From the looks of things, he's bringing dapper back.

Tiny Titans (DC), Patrick the Wolfboy
I know I'm not the only nerd girl who's been crushing on Wil since our formidable teen years. He's only gotten better.

The Guild, Big Bang Theory

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14 Comments on What would a Comic Men’s Calendar look like?

  1. I’m honored to be part of the list! It’s been a while since I’ve done a nude photo shoot for a calendar!

    Quick question— why does Will Weaton have a framed picture of the cast of Love Boat next to his couch?

  2. I didn’t knew tiny titans was made by a guy. And such a cute one. *Now wishing Art Baltazar is possibly gay.*

    Now a gay guys comic men’s calender. Wil Wheaton for the win.

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