DEC, 2010 – Please vote for me for iiNet’s Top Geek! I’m sure the competition is tough as I’m not a hardcore gamer but I am your average comic book girl and would love to win this title. Yes, I’m pandering. I’m begging, in fact. I have no problem admitting that. It takes only a couple seconds and no registration process is necessary.

One of my favorite fans Matthew

I’ve been reviewing comic books and interviewing creators since 2007 for websites like Dynamic Forces and the Girls’ Entertainment Network until launching my own site I started my YouTube channel in 2008 to discuss comics, conventions and bring you interviews with creators and celebrities.

Even though I’ve been writing as long as I’ve been cosplaying, it’s my role as Wonder Woman for NJ’s annual domestic violence awareness fundraiser that most people know me. At Comic Fusion, we spend all year collecting artwork and then auction it for our local domestic abuse shelter. This year we raised $16k with the help of fine comic artists like Adam Hughes and Allison Sohn. I’ve also been modeling for over a year for CosplayDeviants and for prestigious art schools like Joe Kubert’s School for Cartooning & Graphic Arts in NJ.

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