29-NOV-2011 In honor of it being one year since I created the story HOLYOAK for my Intro to Comic Book Writing class, I’ve decided it make it available at Issuu for free.

I’m not a “digital person” at all. I don’t like to read PDFs or scroll through images to read a comic, but I accept this is the way to get my work out there to be seen. It just is. There’s no point in fighting the digital revolution. HOLYOAK is still available for purchase as a hard copy as part of THE DECEMBER PROJECT anthology so if you’re like me and prefer to hold the paper, that’s still an option. The difference is that the anthology is not free but it does contain stories by other creators as well.

I also know absolutely nothing about e-readers and their formats. I know a couple people who use Issuu and recommended it so I’m giving that a go. I hope you enjoy it.

HOLYOAK is about a 20-something hereditary witch that has to save her family home from tax sale. I went for a more comedic tone in the style of SABRINA, THE TEENAGE WITCH and was incredibly lucky to nab artist Shawn Harbin for my interior pages.

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1 Comment on HOLYOAK comic now available for free digitally

  1. Just read HOLYOAK- it’s cute and aimed at a much needed demographic in this industry. Great job, Amber! And the art is perfectly suited to the tone, too!

    So, what’s next for Vee?

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