29-NOV-2011 I was thrilled to have my POWER GIRL photoset featured in the July galleries for CosDev. Now it’s the actual winter holiday season so I urge you to celebrate again. There have been so many updates to the site’s galleries with female and model models showing off their love for comic, gaming and anime characters.

Cosplay Deviants is a paid adults only entertainment site. This set was shot by Joe Holtzman.


SQUEE is a former stripper from the hot state of Florida. She plays Warcraft and goes to Ren faires. She loves whiskey and fantasy movies. She also has a big crush on Spock, but hey, who doesn’t? I think Squee is the perfect name for her because that’s definitely what all G.I. Joe fans will be doing once they take a gander at her spectacular Baroness gallery. This set is filed under FEMME FATALE.

PORPHYRIA portrayed one of my favorite comic book characters of all time, DELIRIUM from Gaiman’s SANDMAN. So often we see characters in modern comics that are designed with so much black in their outfits to illustrate how “serious” they are. Delirium is wonderful because she is whoever and whatever she feels like being. Porphyria shows off all the colors of this whimsical character including her beloved fishy friend. She’s from New York and is studying computer animation when she’s not doing other nerdy things like playing RPGs. Look her up in the MANIA set.

VIVKA is so mysterious there isn’t much known about her. She seems to divide her time between LA and Detroit. She takes on the powerful role of X-Men leader EMMA FROST in her set titled TELEPATH. The set was shot again a breathtaking stone staircase with a rock wall in the background. It’s Emma in nature being her usual naughty self.

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