02-DEC-2011 My friend Rachel decorated her Christmas tree and spontaneity got the better of her. She took her Indigo Lantern Corps ring of Compassion and slid it over one of the branches. This got me to thinking… and it’s not usually a good thing.

I know Hallmark makes a variety of quality DC Comics ornaments. And at Halloween there a tons of novelty strings of lights like the Nightmare Before Christmas, pumpkins and even chili peppers. And DC already makes light up Lantern Corps rings.  So why not combine the idea and create strings of colored Lantern Corps holiday lights?

You could have a themed tree with just your favorite Lantern Corps color or perhaps, DC/Warner Bros. could create a rainbow of multicolored lights in one string. A Christmas tree wrapped in Lantern Corps energy of every color! It seems like a logical idea. I mean, the holidays do seem to be a highly emotional time.

  • GREEN – the will needed not to open presents before the designated day
  • RED – the rage you feel when you cannot assemble the 8 million piece Lego Death Star
  • YELLOW – the fear that whatever you bought your in-laws will somehow insult them or be terribly inappropriate
  • INDIGO – the swells of compassion you feel for all the charities advertising and begging you for donations
  • PINK – the love of sharing any day with a special person in your life
  • BLUE – the hope for the new year to be better than the last
  • BLACK – the death and resurrection of the sun at the solstice
  • ORANGE – the greed you get making out your Christmas list and wanting every single thing on it plus a thousand other things you left off it

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