VODKA O’CLOCK 2020-06:

T.J. Kirsch

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T.J. Kirsch

T.J. Kirsch has been an artist since he was a little boy. Always the one in school that had the drawing talent to be admired and encouraged by teachers. He took that talent and went to SCAD in Georgia; tried a typical liberal arts college and hated it; then found his way to New Jersey’s Kubert School. He described himself as a lazy kid who needed the discipline of Kubert’s grueling schedule and demands.   

T.J. found his way to Archie Comics as an intern and production staffer for the Archie Digests. His love of comics and storytelling wasn’t destined to direct him to working on other people’s characters though. He had stories to tell and saw that dream come when he created Pride of a Descent Man through NBM Graphic Novels. They are the same publisher housing his newest creation, a biographical history comic of the one and only Willie Nelson!

The Willie Nelson original graphic novel is an anthology where T.J. got to work with Adam Walmsley, Jeremy Massie, Jason Pittman, HÃ¥vard S. Johansen, J.T. Yost, CoÅŸkun Kuzgun, and Jesse Lonergan. It’s available now through or any of your favorite comic shops and booksellers including Comixology.

Willie Nelson – Graphic History:


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