Amber Love 30-MAY-2012 It’s the final page of SLIM & POSH. Remember you can go back to the main S&P page to read the whole thing. This is a sad day but a great one. I had such a wonderful experience working with artist Thomas Boatwright that we’ve been talking about a new and quite different project to tackle.

Page 7 addresses what it means to escape the life as it was defined for you by choice or by force. The decision to leave is not always easy – sometimes it is and that must feel great; but when you leave behind someone you love it’s a different feeling than leaving to escape a bad situation.


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1 Comment on SLIM & POSH: the end

  1. I really enjoyed this, Amber! Glad to see you’re talking to Mr. Boatwright about new projects- you two work well together!

    Hope to see more SLIM & POSH in the future!

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