Amber Love 25-APR-2012 — Page 2 of SLIM & POSH is now posted (**visit the main S&P page for last week’s)! Created by me with art and lettering by Thomas Boatwright.


Here we see that Dr. Posh Parker is a real hardass. She has no sympathies for our overworked scientist Dr. David. By the last panel on this page, the monkeys are making a stronger visual appearance.

Links to the kind folks that allowed their names and influences to be used:

  • * Dr. David – I wanted him to be named after Paul Storrie, a great writer and fun guy; he suggested using his middle name David. He’s a super nerd with genre TV trivia like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Castle, and I’m pretty he prefers Trek over Wars.
  • * Norton the Monkey – So named after my pal and animal rescuer Mike Norton, creator of BATTLEPUG which has been nominated for awards.
  • * JK the Monkey – Named for one of my besties, James (J.K.) Woodward, stellar artist, hot nerd, and hard drinker.
  • * Dave the Monkey – Named after Eisner nominated artist Dave Wachter; trust me, get on his commission lists early.
  • * Zahl – I shortened the name of Thom Zahler because I thought it had a nifty sci-fi ring to it; Thom travels to A LOT of shows so get every issue of LOVE & CAPES and thank him for his dedication to cartooning arts. He makes accounting jokes. Not many people can do that well!