Imogen Reed 27-APR-2012 - RODGER HAYHURST, also known as Knight Warrior, is a 19 year old teenager on a crime-fighting rampage. Albeit only capable of part-time superhero status due to his day job (as a mild-mannered gardener) he makes no qualms in informing the villains of Salford that their jig is up; as Knight Warrior can be seen patrolling the streets seeking fights to break-up and generally keeping a close eye on the wrong-doings of his local population.

The City of Salford, a borough of Greater Manchester, UK is statistically one of the most crime-ridden areas of England; results from a 2007 survey revealed that violent crimes against another person were recorded at 27.2% for Salford, which is over 10% higher than the national average of only16.7%. The area is notorious for housing some of the most dangerous members of the Greater Manchester population, however, there is one Salfordian teenager who, rather than waiting for a Superman, watching TV and feeling somewhat incompetent to tackle the downfall of his home city, has decided to become the change he wants to see in the world.


However, Rodger Hayhurst isn’t sated with the dangerous and courageous task of single-handedly fighting crime; he wants to take his status to the next level, as he looks to run for Mayor of Salford in the next election. Rather than bemoaning his lack of Superhuman traits, Knight Warrior has instead decided to use what powers are at his disposal. Utilizing social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter (which have already played such significant parts in implementing social change unthinkable a quarter of a Century ago) Hayhurst is drumming up support and donations to provide him with the necessary fees to gain his electoral papers.

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