Amber Love 26-APR-2012 FRIDAY FAVORITE or FAVORITE THINGS number 2 is about a couple things I enjoy daily: My cat Caico and Twitter.


It might seem like they are unrelated but I am one of those crazy cat people that posts a lot of twitpics about my cat. Yes, I believe she’s the most beautiful cat in the world though rarely cooperative enough to be photogenic. The rare occasions that Caico holds still at just the right moment for me to take her picture is a blessing. Like all loving pet parents, I’m ridiculous about my furry child. She is one of the best things to ever come into my life. Caico was adopted from the Bergen County SPCA in New Jersey in 2006. She’s a chocolate point Himalayan. I had someone argue with me that there’s no way she’s a purebred since she has a “long” nose. I honestly can’t stand that “pushed in” almost completely flat nasal structure that has been bred into Persian cats. It’s not the way nature would have made a nose. The Himmie breed itself was a crossing of Siamese pointed cats with Persians to get the coloring of the elegant Siamese with the benefits of a Persian’s luscious long hair and great temperament. I think that sort of breeding could easily have occurred in nature. Cats aren’t bigots. I think the overbreeding for characteristics some humans find desirable in their “trophy” pets are actually harmful and damaging. Those pushed in noses are not able to properly support breathing functions.

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My Twitter Favorite Thing is actually a tool in Twitter: the Retweet. This seems like a simple thing and really, it is. There’s a special button on the Twitter web or any app for retweeting. It takes so little effort yet it seems like we need to beg for RTs. I don’t like having to beg. I like the notion that something I’ve posted is interesting enough on its own merit that I shouldn’t have to add “Please RT” on the post. So please, RT. It shows you are engaged with the people you follow; caution: if all you do is RT and never post anything original, that’s equally as annoying. Don’t be a bot. You’re a real person so interact with the people you find interesting. Don’t be upset if you don’t get a reply to everything. Celebrities that reply to fans a couple times a day have the best Twitter feeds. I don’t want to be one of those people that begs someone famous to RT me. If that celeb was interested, they’d do it on their own accord. It’s more meaningful if Tweeps were an active army of support. When I post about my comics, modeling or charities, RTs are immensely appreciated. They don’t actually happen all the often.

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