Amber Love 28-APR-2012 In today’s special episode of VODKA O’CLOCK, you’ll hear from the creator and writer of the web comic HOLIDAY WARS, Scott King.

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Scott tells all about the new Kickstarter campaign to fund Volume One of HOLIDAY WARS for paperback printing and distribution. His extremely unique videos on the Kickstarter page give readers an idea about the level of creativity that the team puts into this comic. The plan for Volume One is 170 full color pages with some extra content. If the Kickstarter goal is achieved, Th3rdWorld Studios will handle distribution of the graphic novel and getting it into Diamond’s PREVIEWS catalog for convenient ordering. Of course if you back the campaign for $15, you’re already going to get your own hard copy. If the campaign goes well the required formats for Kindle and Nook will be explored and likely available.

The Team:

  • Writer – Scott King
  • Pencils – Michael Odom
  • Colorist – Giuseppe Pica
  • Inker –  Aturo Said

“Our main reason for doing that [offering it for free online] was thinking, ok, we can build up an audience over two years and by the end of those two years we’ll  have readers that will want to buy a book and we’ll go ahead and move forward with it. What I didn’t count on is having so many young readers. We have a lot of middle school and high school readers and I’ve gotten a lot of emails like in the past week alone saying, ‘I want to buy the book but I’m not allowed to use my mom’s credit card.'”

The readership level isn’t appropriate for anyone younger than the “YA” (Young Adult) age group. It’s definitely enjoyable for the adult crowd. The story of Tegan in the harsh tumultuous wars of the holidays against the evil Easter Bunny will entertain readers with a relatable protagonist with flaws and believable traits. She’s been bounced around to foster homes and at this point is unaware of her biological family.


* Holiday Wars

* Scott King on Twitter


* Th3rdWorld Studios

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