I found a really fun online gallery of pulp magazine covers. I admit that I’m completely ignorant in the realm of reading any of these classics or in watching the great movies of yesteryear; but there’s still something mesmerizing about the imagery. To see women in long gowns with perfectly coiffed wavy hair smoking long cigarettes and men who wore vests, suits and hats that knew how to charm the silk dainties off any lady creates a series of captivating fantasies in my mind. Those must have been interesting times.

I’ve mentioned him before, but I will continue to pimp the link of THE VAULT OF BUNCHENESS which is a haven for all vintage pop culture by writer extraordinaire Steve Bunche. Sounds odd saying “vintage” and “pop” together because they contradict each other, but the subjects are vintage now but were popular back then. So if you’re looking for movies on jungle girls, the influence of porn as launched by Bettie Page, or today’s porn parodies, THE VAULT is the place. It’s because of Bunche’s OCD level of pulp blogging that the images are in my mind so much today.

My last release of photos (as I take a hopefully only brief hiatus from modeling) from the Pittsburgh Filmmakers garnered much more fan praise than I ever expected. I had thought it was the comic book theme that defined my modeling and therefore my audience since comics also makes up 99.99% of my writing these days. There was one photo from the set that got more comments than any other and it was one that I initially couldn’t decide if I even liked. Well, after seeing in it what other people have, I do think it’s an interesting composition. I revamped with my extremely novice imaging skills and made myself into a pulp maven.

I’m sure someone who actually knows how to use a piece software could do far better but that’s about the max of my abilities with GIMP and it took me a couple hours, sadly.

I’ve always wanted to do a real pin-up photoshoot where I have the right hair, makeup and staging. There’s a company that can make that happen but hell, that’s some dough required (Lunar Light Studio). I know quite a number of costumer babes in our comics community who have done pin-up collections and the results are wonderful. I’ve even seen them do pin-up retro versions of favorite comic characters which is a fun way to blend the genres. I just think the boundaries are limitless if you fuse Gil Elvgren with J.H. Williams III. Could you imagine a boudoir version of Batwoman Kate Kane? How incredible would that be?

Unfortunately when I installed Windows 7, I not only lost all my software but also all my wonderful internet bookmarks. I had a few noir-related sites for pin-up clothing and favorite models but I’ll have start fresh with searches again.

You’ll definitely want to hit these fundamental sites if you’re interested in classic cheesecake:

Here’s one more image from that photoshoot that I hadn’t posted. I was hoping the picture would be my whole body upside-down on the chair but it was only a headshot making it hard to tell that I didn’t just mess up the orientation of the image.

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