Time for a monthly update on the new sets at Cosplay Deviants, a delightful eyeful for nerds, geeks, gamers and all lovers of pop culture who aren’t afraid of a little sex!

BOUNTY is the debut set of model MJ. This Cowboy Bebop set includes a bondage/attempted rape scene which is honestly not my cup of tea at all. I have issues with the whole dominance thing. Nonetheless I can say that MJ is a stunning girl. Her set is a bit reversed as viewers can see her skinnydipping in a crisp refreshing pool then donning her wardrobe to break into a house where she meets and battles an occupant. That bit of story makes the set interesting and is presented with unique setscapes. And as my friends know, I’m a complete sucker for purple hair.

KOKIRI GIRL is a magical set by model Noel who takes this Legend of Zelda creation on frolic through the woods. This is definitely more my style. She’s a beautiful girl with the right forest nymph qualities. This set makes me want to crack out my fairy wings and make some fun of my own. Unfortunately I’ve never been much of a gamer since my attempts don’t prove particularly accommodating to the eye-hand coordination needed for today’s controllers. I “gamed” back when my brothers had an ATARI 2600 and thought that was the total shit. As far as modern works, all I have is City of Heroes which is where my super persona Amber Love resides on the Guardian server stuck somewhere in the mid-30s. So many patches and expansions have come out that I don’t even know how to play anymore but hell if I don’t still love the idea of meditating in the Croatoa and Dark Astoria cemeteries. I guess if I ever do get a console, Zelda will have to be something for me to check out.

NURSE is simply one of the most common sexual fantasies in the modern age and this time debut model Elldraen gives it a Pokemon twist. Here’s a girl with some amazing zaftig style. Her curves are an artist’s dream and will definitely have CD fans looking for lots more of her. I know absolutely zero about Pokemon. The only thing I can say is that it has something to do with little monsters inside balls that kids throw to make them battle against each other. It’s like taking all the violence of dog or cock fighting and making it perfectly okay just because they’re monsters. I don’t know. Maybe they have some kind of super regen or pain deflection abilities. Has Pokemon ever been reported to PETA?

And don’t forget you still find my AMAZON DEVIANT set there too!

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