Please take a moment to read through the Sticky Post about our 2010 Wonder Woman Day auction. The next chance for artists to give me their donations for the auction in person will be at BALTIMORE COMIC CON on August 28-29. You’ll be able to find me – or at least drop off your pieces – at JAY FIFE’s booth.

I know every convention is filled with fundraisers for Hero Initiative or the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund or some of the more personal charities, but our little fundraiser costs our shop a lot of money and we don’t use any of the bids or raffle money to offset that. All of the money goes to S.A.F.E. in Hunterdon to help them defeat the problems of families dealing with domestic violence.

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1 Comment on Next Stop Baltimore – Fundraising Begins

  1. I’ll be at Bmore too, and I’m a Flemington native and big supporter of SAFE. If there’s anything I can do to help ya out, even just pimping a little bit, feel free to email me or let me know! I’d love to help. ^^

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