Gabriel's piece up for auction.

OCT, 2010 – GABRIEL HARDMAN brings studies of disambiguation with every pin-up he posts on etsy or DeviantArt. There’s no mistake when you see bold black and white images that are quiet reflections of powerful characters that you’re seeing one of Hardman’s great little masterpieces. Lucky for me, I already own an original Hardman sketch which happens to be of Zatanna in my con sketchbook. You can place your bid for the Wonder Woman donation by Gabe by emailing from now until Oct 24, 2010 or stop by Comic Fusion in Flemington, NJ.

Because of my attendance at the last Comic Geek Speak Supershow, I had the opportunity to interview Gabe on camera. Yeah, we bonded! Now we’re now totally BFF’s. I asked him to answer a few more questions for me to present to you now in our preparation for this year’s charity auction.

Now that you’re SUPER FAMOUS, have you been able to walk through a convention and still enjoy it as a fan?

At New York Comic Con I spent nearly every moment at my table drawing sketches. I’ve only been doing comics for the last two years so readers are just starting to pick up on my work. Mainly after my first issue of HULK came out last month.

Tellos by Gabriel Hardman

How do you think comics will/are different for this new generation as compared to when you were young?

In a lot of ways there is a higher level of craft now. More diversity of indie comics and genres too. I think the down side is Superhero comics have grown increasingly insular. Only aiming to appeal to the people who already read them. My hope for the future of comics is that they will be both more accessible to young readers – literally be available places where they can be exposed to them. That’s not really the case now.

Do you think comic book character designs should change with the times or should the “strong man/acrobat” spandex style stick around forever?

If a costume works, I say stick with it.

Have you ever had to handle a domestic violence storyline in comics? If so, how did you approach it?

I never have. It would have to be important to the story. I’m disinclined to draw situations like that if they feel like exploitation.

What can you tell us about the thoughts behind your WWD sketch?

I wanted to draw Wonder Woman looking powerful but also looking like a real person. I never seem to draw the perfect idealized version of heroes. I’d rather them be somebody I can relate to in some way.

All proceeds from the auction will benefit SAFE in Hunterdon to raise awareness of domestic violence issues.

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