AMBER LOVE 19-NOV-2012 Over the weekend, Ashley and I had the pleasure of guest appearing with the East Coast Avengers, a organization that connects Marvel cosplayers and recruits them for charity appearances and conventions.

We didn’t have any traditional Avengers costumes. I could have gotten away with Firestar since I believe she’s teamed with them for a short while, but since both of us have X-Men suits it seemed destined to have Avengers vs. X-Men moratorium during a charity event. My Rogue suit was one of the earliest costumes I ever created. The jacket is a mod. I made the Kitty Pryde costume this year. A generous fan bought it for Ashley after seeing how good she looked in it after I used her to model for what would have been Etsy pictures.

The fundraiser and essentials drive for Hurricane Sandy relief was hosted by Master Peter’s Martial Arts studio where a couple of the Avengers are instructors. At full count there were seven different costumed heroes on and off before Ashley and I had to leave around 2:00. There were a couple of fun activities for the tiny martial arts students. First they had to take a sheet which had quotes from all the heroes then find the heroes and try to match the quotes. To prove they guessed correctly, the heroes autographed by the quote. Then the kids were allowed to throw whipped cream pies at their instructors.

After we had left, the remaining heroes and the parents of the students boxed up all the donated dry goods for the relief effort.

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1 Comment on Recap from Hurricane Relief event with East Coast Avengers

  1. I am Very proud of both of you, and my Avengers !!
    Thanks to everyone whom donated !!
    No matter how small the donation, every one Counts and was Needed.
    We look forward to doing more !
    -Deadpool, AzA/ECA, Commanding Officer (CO).

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