Amber Love 09-MAY-2012 Page 4 of SLIM & POSH is posted. Remember you can go back to the main S&P page to read the whole thing so far. Here, Tom & I subject my friends to lab experiments. If you have trouble viewing because it’s a big file, you can download it and view in Window’s Preview tool just by double clicking the downloaded file. Then you can control the zoom.


This page had me worried for one reason. I’m quite against animal testing for human gain. I know it’s a requirement and understand the FDA logic (that’s our agency in the US). It still feels very wrong to me. I want people to know that their cosmetics and pharmaceuticals go through animal testing (unless specified) but I don’t like to preach about it. I was afraid that’s how it would come off. Awareness > Preaching.

I once wore a Body Shop t-shirt that states “Against Animal Testing” on it and a former boss asked me what alternate I could come up. I’m a mean bitch and said, “Prisoners.” I’m sorry but rapists, murderers, Ponzi scheme masterminds — they are treated too well in our US system; more money goes to care for a prisoner than for a student.

I don’t for one moment believe that is a serious option but I think there has to be something else besides animal testing.

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