Amber Love 08-MAY-2012 We wrapped a very successful FCBD at COMIC FUSION on Main Street in Flemington, NJ. The traditional first Saturday of May event brought out seven costumed friends and drew a lot of traffic for the store.

Thanks to Elizabeth Voss, Andrew Moser, Jesse Parrino, Diana Meneses, Ashley Neuhaus, Ally Cat, and Gregg Gentile for adding a touch of flair to COMIC FUSION’S facade.

Inside the store, we were lucky to have Tom Schloendorn and Chris Muller cranking out sketches for the shoppers. Tom has already confirmed that he’ll be back for our huge fundraiser in October.


The Flemington BID (Business Improvement District) asked if we’d have more costumers for the bi-monthly car shows. One year, I worked every single show alone pulling out all of my suits varying from Disney to Superhero. This year, we’d love to beef up these appearances.

* Would you be able to join us?

* How do you feel about having themes?

* Are you on Facebook if we organize each roll call as an Event?

Much of the business at COMIC FUSION is gaming, specifically Magic: The Gathering and Heroclix. MTG is a fantasy style like World of Warcraft or Dungeons & Dragons. I think it’s a great opportunity to celebrate the gaming community by having one of the Saturday cosplays inspired by it. Anything that you’d wear to a Ren Faire seems appropriate. Heroclix uses game pieces sculpted in DC and Marvel characters. We could declare a DC night and a Marvel night for the costumes.


The COMIC FUSION staff and the board members of SAFE in Hunterdon are already having meetings to prepare for this year’s Superhero Weekend (formerly Wonder Woman Day). All benefits from the comic art auction and raffles go directly to SAFE to continue providing services for survivors of domestic violence. We’re already booking our in-store artists that are there for signings but might also be willing to do con sketches. The Star Wars 501st Legion is already booked to join us too.

I posed several questions last week and received a few great ideas. Let’s keep up this interaction to make 2012 the best Superhero Weekend ever!

* What else can we do to make the Comic Fusion SUPERHERO WEEKEND better?
* What would you like to see planned for activities in the store?
* Are you willing to help out?
* Can you sponsor the travel of a comic professional to make an appearance at the shop to draw people in?
* Will you be one of our cosplayers?

WEAPONS POLICY – only prop weapons allowed (plastic, foam, boffers) and no swinging swords/sabers on the sidewalk near other people; have common sense. If there is rehearsed stage combat, it needs to be done away from the pedestrian area.

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