Amber Love 03-MAY-2012 The annual comic art auction in New Jersey called SUPERHERO WEEKEND which benefits S.A.F.E. in Hunterdon is confirmed for October 6-7, 2012 at Comic Fusion in Flemington.

As always, Comic Fusion plans to host the event and also take public bids online. This year we are going take those public bids via Facebook because of the ease in updating a photo gallery of the art and merchandise which has been a huge burden every year updating manually through the shop’s website.

Circumstances such as risky unpredictable weather have forced us in NJ to splinter off from the founders of the movement once called Wonder Woman Day. Our 2011 Superhero Weekend was under several inches of ice with no electricity throughout the state. Despite no one showing up to Comic Fusion to bid and buy, our online sales raised roughly $6,000 without much bump from in-store raffle sales. The shop had stayed open and Cocco’s cafe unlocked its doors just for our cosplaying guests to stay warm. It’s important to us that the 2012 have the best chances possible for a great weekend.

We have one east coast convention where it’s possible for us to pick up art work donations. This year our travel (which was always our own expense not from the charity) is cut way down. We are relying more on mailed in art which means it is critical that the pieces for auction get to us by a deadline. Professional artists are used to deadlines. With the date moved up this year, that means your art donation needs to be in much sooner.

Now is the time for us to ask you for suggestions. We know the economy sucks! We know it’s hard to donate even the smallest amounts some times. If there’s one thing Kickstarter has shown, it’s that when people in the comics community want to show their support, they do whatever it takes to create a success. Consider this our campaign!

  • * What else can we do to make the Comic Fusion SUPERHERO WEEKEND better?
  • * What would you like to see planned for activities in the store?
  • * Are you willing to help out?
  • * Can you sponsor the travel of a comic professional to make an appearance at the shop to draw people in?

You can follow me and the store for announcements. Please post your suggestions here or if you feel more comfortable email me at amberlovescomics at gmail dot com.

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2 Comments on How can we improve NJ’s Superhero Weekend for domestic abuse resources?

  1. What about some gaming tournaments? I know there are usually a few Heroclix up for auction. What about instead of an auction you guys run tournaments for these products? It would take up alot of room in a small shop so maybe the events are done in the weeks leading up to the event. Maybe have a entry fee of a $10-20 donation to the chairty?

    I mean heck, I got the Heroclix Chase for just over $40 last year. Two players would have been enough to make more, and be more fun. I’ve no knowledge on rarity for Magic but one never knows. You may be able to talk to the companies about it? Free publicity for them and all.

    • Since I know nothing about how gaming works I’m not sure how to evaluate this idea. We don’t want to draw away from the art auction. That’s the main event. What we need are ways to get top talent to donate — sorry but we get a lot of “fan art” that isn’t usable and doesn’t get bids — and then people to spend their money on the art and raffles. I don’t know if having them spend their money elsewhere will interfere with the auction. I know you mean all of it goes to SAFE and it’s always something to consider. I’d have to run it by Stacy.

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