Amber Love 03-MAY-2012 – VODKA O’CLOCK Episode 1209 features special guest CHUCK WENDIG, author of DOUBLE DEAD, BLACKBIRDS and more.

 “If you sit down and write, you’re a writer.” ~CW

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Chuck came to my attention on Twitter with his dynamic and witty repartee. His frequent obscenities endeared him to my heart rather quickly. Finally, someone I can curse with! My trucker mouth was happy at long last. Because of these wonderful traits I pulled the most colorful quotes from the interview to share.  Don’t worry. We have a lot of valuable information about writing, the differences in reviews, criticisms and rejection and even why you don’t waste your time worrying your pretty little genre-focused head about awards.

“The art of criticism is slowly being lost.” ~CW

BLACKBIRDS took around six years to sit down and write but the follow up book MOCKINGBIRD only took 30 days. Chuck has had meetings about bringing the story of BLACKBIRDS to a live action format. The cover art for BLACKBIRDS has been discussed all across the internet and it can only be described as intense and striking. It breaks the trend of a book with a female protagonist being portrayed on the cover by just half a torso with focus on a leatherclad ass.

“My jaw just dropped. I’m so happy right at this moment,” he said about receiving the cover art for BLACKBIRDS by Joey Hi-Fi.

Miriam Black is the female protagonist that has the special ability to know the circumstances of someone’s death if she touches him. Some people who have read BLACKBIRDS have criticized the character as being a hardcore male action character with a vagina removing any semblance of femininity from a woman. Chuck goes to great lengths in this episode to explain Miriam’s personality and defend that not all women he writes are going to be like her. One review called it a “fiesta de dicks.”

“It has a sweet nougaty core in its canker sores.” ~CW about BLACKBIRDS

“Those pictures you’ve seen online are not true.” ~CW – Feel free to take this one out of context!

Chuck took up the challenge of converting many of this advisory blog posts and convert them into helpful books. The rejection letters for that premise was a different experience than the rejections he received for BLACKBIRDS.

What was Chuck’s worst writing job like? It involves not writing and he describes it as being assigned the tasks that the company didn’t want to spend money on a temp to accomplish.

“I had to suck a cash register’s dick.” ~CW – Feel free to take this one out of context!

“I didn’t know how the fuck they got it in and I couldn’t get it out!” ~CW – Feel free to take this one out of context!

Be sure to listen when your children aren’t around and keep up with Chuck’s announcements online. This summer MOCKINGBIRD will be available and we’ll get Chuck back on the show.


* Chuck Wendig’s blog Terrible Minds

* Chuck on Twitter

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