Amber Love 23-MAY-2012 What sort of special abilities are the monkeys showing in today’s SLIM & POSH page? Remember you can go back to the main S&P page to read the whole thing so far.


It would be something if lab experiments resulted in special powers rather than painful deaths. One of the coolest powers I could think of is changing size. Full on shapeshifting is even better. Here I stuck with allowing the monkeys to shrink – as seen last week – and grow. The goal of scientist Dr. David was to cure obesity by coming up with a plausible shrinking device. These results were certainly unexpected.

There’s only ONE PAGE left in SLIM & POSH! Are you following Thomas Boatwright on Twitter to keep up with all his great art project announcement? Get on that! We’re working on something new that’s a different kind of project. Once things get underway, I’ll make the big announcement.

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