The Nation’s Largest Love and Sex Expo Announces EXXXOTICA Atlantic City at the Trump Taj Mahal Casino Hotel, April 19-21, 2013 but don’t forget November’s 2012 show in Edison.

(August 15, 2012 – Atlantic City, NJ) After months of teasing fans and exhibitors about a new location for 2013, the proverbial cat is out of the bag. The nation’s largest event dedicated to love and sex, EXXXOTICA (, is pleased to announce a brand new location for 2013 — Atlantic City, New Jersey at the Trump Taj Mahal Casino Hotel.

EXXXOTICA Atlantic City will be taking place April 19-21, 2013, and with the newest venue set, so are the goals of bringing more stars, bigger stage acts and introducing the brand-new EXXOTICA Fan Choice Awards, all in the original “Sin City.”Record-setting shows are already in the books for 2012 in Miami Beach and Chicago, respectively. Expectations for EXXXOTICA Atlantic City debut couldn’t be bigger. The EXXXOTICA Expo in Northern New Jersey is historically the largest show in EXXXOTICA’s arsenal, and the Edison, NJ taking place November 9th through the 11th in Edison, NJ is on pace to surpass last year’s incredible numbers. With new show features in the works and the track record the Garden State holds, all signs point to EXXXOTICA Atlantic City joining its northern counterpart as a sure-fire success.

EXXXOTICA Atlantic City will open its doors at the massive Mark G. Etess Arena at the world famous Trump Taj Mahal Casino Hotel. The arena has hosted shows by such superstars as Elton John, Aerosmith, Beyonce, Dane Cook, Santana, Janet Jackson, Van Halen and many others, as well as numerous major sporting events. Now it is playing host to the first-ever EXXXOTICA Expo in Atlantic City.

“Atlantic City was one of the first cities we looked at when we started EXXXOTICA, and we are proud that our 17th show will be there,” said J. Handy, director of EXXXOTICA. “Many of our exhibitors and attendees based around there have asked us to bring a show to that area since they miss the old East Coast Video Shows from the 1990’s, and as it is with everything we do, we’re looking to do this bigger and better than it’s ever been done before with many of the trademark features of all EXXXOTICA Expos, plus a few new and exciting events.”

Those attending the show can expect a jam-packed entertainment stage with amazing shows featuring everything from nationally known musical acts to the sexiest burlesque shows and more. Informative and engaging seminars will also be taking place throughout the weekend, as will show features that have made EXXXOTICA the leading expo of its kind such as hundreds of adult’s biggest stars and premier companies exhibiting . There will also be new events making a debut at EXXXOTICA Atlantic City, lead by the first-ever EXXXOTICA Fan’s Choice Award Show where admirers of the adult entertainment industry will be able to vote on a variety of categories and see their choices announced in a fast-moving, light-hearted, and star-studded live awards show.

For industry professionals looking to make connections and conduct business, EXXXOTICA Atlantic City will also be adding a B2B component. Whether you’re looking to sell or purchase wholesale items, introduce or strengthen relationships or gain insight on the inner workings of the adult industry on this side of the country, this will be an opportunity not to be missed with exclusive networking events, seminars and hours dedicated to industry professionals.

At EXXXOTICA fans can meet the biggest names in adult entertainment, buy the most unique and exclusive products, mingle with the sexy EXXXOTICA Hotties, and VIP attendees can take advantage of exclusive swag, amazing discounts, get free admission to after-parties at the hottest clubs, and lots more.

To secure booth space and sponsorships for the EXXXOTICA Atlantic City, please contact Sales@3XEvents.comor call (267) 909-9760. For more information on all things EXXXOTICA, email

For all media inquiries, please contact EXXXOTICA’s public relations team at

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3 Comments on NJ is getting excited for more adult entertainment in 2013

  1. Pardon me for saying so, but what does eXXXotica have to do with comics and comic book musings? Is it the fact you pose nude and semi-nude on your website? I read the article and it sounds as if in previous years porn wants to be “mainstream” in the industry, albeit comics and comic books have always been a bit risque, though I still do not see the need to post about this subject matter or was it a slow news day Amber?

    • While I appreciate your concerns about the comic book media, that’s not all my site is. I’ve covered Exxxotica for two years. I also talk about crime novels and fine art. This is a diverse website. Plenty of people mistake is for only being about adult cosplay but they’re just as wrong. So, no, it’s not a slow news day. If you only want comics then you need to read sites like Bleeding Cool or Newsarama. I’m not them.

      • Okay and thanks, but so you know it was not intended as a dig or snide as I have enjoyed your site for some time. I was just wondering if you were expanding as I noticed many sites over recent years and exotic or erotic sites have branched into the main stream or at least attempted to. I do addtionally read, bleeding cool, comic vine and I do understand that you indeed have a diversified site.

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